LESS than a week after I described her blog as ‘most readable’, the Hornsey and Wood Green MP and Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone apparently has been warned to tone down her online bugles. Too much blogging, too much tweeting has alarmed her new colleagues at the Home Office. We know as much because an extensive report on her blog appeared in the Mail On Sunday at the weekend.

But Lynne doesn’t seem to mind about the coverage, which some might have thought was designed to make her look pretty dotty as she blogs away in the bath and confesses concerns about working with Theresa May. If she hated the silly-tweets article – she surely wouldn’t have, in her very next update on the Featherblog,  actively encouraged people to seek out the MoS to read a piece on David Laws by blogger Iain Dale. All publicity is good publicity and all that..

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