Campbell: ‘Ken over Oona’

CHECK the tape – but did Alastair Campbell sit in with surely-not-his-best-bud Ken Livingstone on LBC radio today? And when asked by a caller whether he’d prefer Ken or Oona King to run for Mayor for Labour in two years time, was it my cloth ears or did AC reply: ‘I think I’d go for Ken’.

I would have put my lunch money on him giving a different answer that began with: ‘Sorry Ken, but…’

There was a bit of iciness over the airwaves, but a bit of rum joshing as well between the two men. Ken blamed Campbell for getting the Daily Mirror to support Conservative Stephen Norris against him in the first poll to elect a London Mayor. Campbell said he ‘didn’t like Tories’ and would not have done that, adding: “I might have told them to back Frank (Dobson)…”

They were united over one thing, however. They both clearly dislike passionately dislike journalist Andrew Gilligan.

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