Obama-itis strikes again

Yes We Ken, the record. Unrelated to Livingstone.

SPEAKING of Ken and his mission to take back his old kingdom at City Hall, congratulations to anybody who didn’t go ugh-no-really? when they heard the campaign slogan he has endorsed.


Looks like we have a code red for a clear case of Obama-itis here. Please tell me that the brains behind this – step forward Tom Copley, a recent candidate for Labour in Haverstock council ward in Camden – didn’t take too long over coming up with ‘Yes We Ken’. Swiping something from the Barack Obama lexicon is pretty much level one in the catchy campaign slogan stakes.

Trouble is, everybody wants a piece of the US President, they want his groove. He pulled off the clever stunt of making a pretty simple riff – Yes We Can – sound cool when he was elected. But that doesn’t mean the man from up the Kilburn High Road can. Yes We Ken, sounds like a novelty pop record, more Bob The Builder than ninja fly-swatting Obama.

The highly infectious  Obama-itis spread over the recent General Election. In local battlegrounds, people were yes we canning here and there and there and over there as well. In Hampstead and Kilburn meanwhile, Ed Fordham revelled in the moniker ‘The Barack Obama of Hampstead’, a title given to him by a Ham&High headline. On election day, David Cameron was mocked up as Obama on the front of The Sun.

Where does it all end? Candidates changing their name to Barack by deed poll?

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