Cut it out

INTERESTING briefings from a couple of separate sources suggest finance officers at Camden Town Hall have today been told by the government cuts squad has told the council it will only have to make around £2.4 million worth of quick savings in the first year of recession busting. Only.

It’s still a big figure but it’s much less than the predictions that we’ve all been told about Camden’s budget. We were told that grants and spending would be hacked back to the tune of between 6.2 million and 9 million. Even last night at the Town Hall, finance directors were talking on the basis of having to cope with a larger figure.

So what’s gone on? Is Camden in for an easier ride than previously forecast? Were we just being softened up by the Whitehall spin machine?

Or have – as was suggested to me this afternoon – miscalculated figures from on high ended up on the desks of the Town Hall’s top brass by mistake. All should become clear in the next few days.

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  1. ConDemNation // June 10, 2010 at 4:58 pm //

    Well whatever comes clear in the next few days the people of Camden are grateful that we won’t be taken through this ‘period of austerity’ by a failed FibDem-Tory Council that was reviled by the press and disliked by the public.

    Decisively and without remorse they were removed from power.

    • ….sigh.

      Amazingly I might rise a little to this joke comment to remind you that the austerity was caused by the Labour govt, which ended in recession as every Labour govt has ever done only this time the debt was more than all the debt totalled up since 1945. So profligate in fact were Labour that despite plans to reign in spending we are still due in 2 years time to be paying in debt interest alone more than the entire schools budget.

      I hardly call the small current Labour majority at town hall decisive either. They were as suprised by the overall win as everyone else.

      as for disliked by the press that has to do with the Left driven CNJ not the Gazette or Ham & High. Perhaps you should widen your reading material even if only to find out what other people think. I see no future for you in peddling tired introspective views.

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