New Conservative leader, but who will be deputy?

ANDREW Mennear has tonight been confirmed as the leader of the Conservative Party in Camden, following the tragic death of Martin Davies ten days ago. Mennear, elected for the first time on the same day that Martin was in 1998, was the deputy, so no surprise that he assumes control. But no word yet on who will be his number two. A couple of candidates would surely be interested.

Mennear, by the way, said in a statement tonight: “We all miss Martin Davies tremendously, but I know that Martin would be reassured to know that the Conservatives under my leadership will be a constructive and active voice from the opposition benches.  It was already obvious at the first Cabinet meeting on 9 June that the Labour Cabinet will require help and encouragement from the opposition in airing and debating the trickier aspects of their decisions, such as the lack of any ideas of their own of how to fill the new £110 million black hole they’ve created in the decent homes budget.”

And he went on: “Equally, we will praise the Town Hall when it does the right thing – such as in publishing the salaries of the highest earning council employees.  I am fortunate to inherit a very talented group of councillors and am certain that we will prove to be a very effective opposition.’.”

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  1. ConDemNation // June 23, 2010 at 12:38 am //

    I still want to know why Moffitt the muppet hasn’t resigned? His party was battered at the elections (far more than Marshall’s) and he still remains leader? Goes to show the Fibs have no alternative. At least Marshall had the decency to resign for the best of his party.

  2. Resign!

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