The Boris swerveball theory

INTERESTING theory being unpacked by Dave Hill for his London Blog at the Guardian right now: That Boris Johnson is planning to pitch a swerveball on Thursday and announce he wants another term as Mayor. Thursday is a key day because it’s the day Labour will confirm Ken Livingstone and Oona King as its two possible candidates for the election in 2012, the day talk of Alan Johnson, Tessa Jowell et al throwing hats into rings will be finally silenced. In theory, Boris could spoil the starting gun party with a bold announcement about his future.

But didn’t Boris only want one term as Mayor? We’ve all said that to each other so confidently over and over again over the last two years, sometimes with the adjoinder: what ol’ Boris really wants of course is to be Prime Minister.

Yet in doing so, did we miss him re-assessing his options. Maybe, he thinks  to himself that David Cameron won’t be going anywhere for a while and that the government is more stable than the coalition critics say. There will be no need, at the moment at least, for Boris to come riding into Downing Street as some white knight saviour to mop up a crumbly blue-yellow mess from the Number 10 floor.

Perhaps, he’s worked out it’s better to bunker down in City Hall for a few more years yet.

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