GASH splash

THIS morning’s big oh-well-done goes to the England football team who have qualified from the group stages of the World Cup. Our heroes scored two goals in the heats.

This in a group with USA, Algeria and Slovenia. If you are not versed in the global soccerball hierarchy, this is how The Sun newspaper famously, and frankly brilliantly, announced the draw when it was made on its front page, above left.

So easy was this easy group, England only finished second. Behind the USA. And what does that mean? Check your wallcharts, folks. The team misses out on a route to the semi-finals which would likely to have pitted them with manageable ties against Ghana and probably Uruguay. Instead, they go into the other side of the draw as group runners-up where  some of the hot favourites, like Argentina and Spain, lie in wait. There would have been beautiful symmetery to it all – encapsulating the way England’s promising fortunes have turned around due to their own fumbling –  if we had woken up to a front page of The Sun which looked something like the rusty spoof mock-up thing on the right. Headline: GASH.

If England win it from here…

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