Cllr Gio?

FROGNAL and Fitzjohns. Safe Conservative seat? If that follows, step forward Councillor Giovanni Spinella. He was beaten in Fortune Green by the Lib Dems in May but it would be a massive surprise if Gio did not defend Martin Davies‘s council seat at a by-election in three weeks.

There were hundreds of votes between winners and losers last time. The form guide says the Lib Dems are the closest rivals. Running with the yellow rosettes is David Bouchier – the man in the mustard blazer. He also lost in May, narrowly missing out in Hampstead Town to the Conservatives. So, how does he avoid another defeat to the Tories on a tougher terrain? And perhaps more germain, how does he avoid another defeat to the Tories without bashing the coalition agreement nationally?

Labour runs with Jack Smith, the Greens contest the poll with Charles Harris. The  by-election is on July 22, 2010.

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