THE ongoing hunt for Raoul Moat in Northumberland – by police and 24 hour TV news crews – brings back the days detectives spent searching for Anthony Hardy, the Camden Town serial killer. In his few days on the run back in December 2002, after leaving a genuine horror scene in his council flat behind him, it was never really established where he had hid. The Camden Ripper was only caught when he went to Great Ormond Street Hospital and asked for medication for his diabetes.

Later, a couple of police officers who working the borough at the time but have since moved on told me of a curious incident during the search. Heat-seeking helicopters picked out somebody sleeping in a hut on Regent’s Park. The story goes that armed police were apparently sent to surround the shack, thinking they had found the spot to where Hardy, the so-called ‘Camden Ripper’, had retreated.

When they burst in, a homeless guy just looking for some winter shelter was given the fright of his life. Not Hardy. The search went on.

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