ANY takers? Camden Council Contractors advertised in The Guardian yesterday – at a cost likely to be around the £8k mark in fees – for a general manager to oversee the borough’s Building Schools for the Future work. Nice work if you can get it. If you can get it. The ad, I’m told, was placed and arranged before Michael Gove stood up in the House of Commons on Monday and smashed Labour’s nationwide programme in two, pulling millions of pounds previously pledged to rebuilding Camden’s schools.

UPDATED: The Town Hall reports this morning that  Camden Council did not pay for the advert, the contractors did (See red line above). There was no mention of that yesterday when officers were asked about the ad, which featured a Camden Council logo. This was the response: “This post was a requirement of the BSF programme, which we were implementing until the announcement on 5 July. The ad was placed before the announcement.”

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