Too easy? Quiz leaderboard

THE answer to last week’s ‘Friday quiz’ was of course Camden’s new ‘rock ‘n’ roll Mayor’ Jonathan Simpson. I wonder if his top five tunes of all time still include Gene? For anybody who hasn’t noticed, he has devoted his year in the mayor’s parlour to a celebration of Camden’s famous musical heritage.

I thought that one might have been trickier than previous three-pointers but apparently not. Labour councillor Theo Blackwell simply put: ‘Simmo – easy’.

The leaderboard surely has John Bryant up the top, with Peter Brayshaw and Theo Blackwell in pursuit. We’ve also had correct answers from Ange Shan, ‘inde pendant’ and ‘ConDemNation’ Let’s see if we can make it harder with the next one… will be online in a mo.

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