Tracking Tessa

NICE little bit of nerdy noticing at the Guardian here: The all knowing Google Maps seems to have listed former Camden councillor turned Labour big name ‘Tessa Jowell’ as a London landmark. See, look, she stands all proud a little bit north of Westminster Palace.

As always, this minor oddity on the web leads to a comments section free for all. Tessa Jowell. David Mills. That kind-a-thing. The gentler sneers take it as if Tessa Jowell really is a ‘fine landmark’, a monument worth adding to a sight-seeing tour of the capital.

And then there is this: ‘As a constituent of Jowell, I’m saddened to see her located in Westminster rather than the part of London her website describes as “the best constituency in the country” (Dulwich and West Norwood). Not that she lives there, apparently she’s a North of the River girl.”

That’s true, she’s a Kentish Towny-Highgate resident.But that seems like the exact criticism shoved at south London resident Glenda Jackson – the MP for Hampstead and Kilburn – during the election campaign, just in a north south reverse. Would a swap deal make everybody happy?

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