Tam’s lunch

The quiz, the quiz.

The answer to the buyer of the humous and sugar snap pea feast was Tamsin Omond from Tamsin To The Commons. Lots of guesses on this one: only one right answer and that was from former Youth Council member Conrad Landin, who – as he should know – is disqualified because he interns at the CNJ every Wednesday.

The receipt is in the election expenses files held at Camden Town Hall. It’s funny sifting through the ledgers: Tamsin was obviously being very contientious including that receipt, she didn’t need to. Glenda Jackson’s team by the way ordered Kit  Kats and Glacier Mints as campaign fuel when buying other supplies from wholesalers.

This level of detail isn’t required by law and the old pro Frank Dobson demomstrates his experience with a couple of forms, a couple of declarations, tick, tick, done. The story in his constituency, Holborn and St Pancras, is whether the Lib Dems mistook Cleggmania and the TV debate bounce as lifting them into genuine contenders to beat Dobbo, as spending on Jo Shaw’s campaign was greater in the final weeks.

As for Tamsin. She livened up Hampstead and Kilburn a little but this constituency was already alive with intrigue. Her campaign fell through the cracks of the thrilling three-way contest which saw Glenda Jackson hounded to an inch of her parliamentary life by the Lib Dems and Conservatives. It didn’t need any extra spice.

Her final spend of around £7,000 – for  a return of 123 votes – looks a tad expensive. Perhaps, it was the wrong constituency for her. As the margin of victory narrowed, her campaigned suffered and as earnest and likeable her pledges were, she ended up contributing to almost  £1 million in lost deposits.

Leaderboard, as you were then – although love the comment about UKIP and progressive lunches.

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