Thierry does New York

FOOTBALL again – but this is a TV car crash that merits some rubbernecking. Thierry Henry, who not so long ago I was worshipping as somebody who would never make a Chicken Tonight advert – has moved to New York Red Bulls where it seems he will spend a bit of time looking silly on telly.

Take this first shot. Here his huge trainers are hauled onto Fox where the presenters hardly know who he is. In fact, I’m pretty sure they have no idea who he is. The clip they keep showing is his probably his worst moment: never mind the spectacular goals, he did a fantastic handball touchdown once. He is told he has just won the World Cup (France went out in the first round). But the Fox piece de resistance is the moment where Tel is told Americans don’t really like soccer because the scorelines aren’t big enough. Excitable sofa presenter barks: What’s your biggest blow out? What’s your biggest lop-sided win? What is it? Three-nothing?

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  1. Truly awful. Clearly they don’t feel the need to waste money on researchers!

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