The empty chair

GRIM economic forecasts and government cuts inevitably mean tough times ahead for voluntary organisations, worthy projects across London which often survive from week to week due to grant funding. Many of those grants are secured through London Councils – a kind of Councils United lobbying team whose membership includes every local authority in London. It has a Grants Committee which meets fairly regularly to dole out around £28 million funding each years. Members say 400 organisations welcomed financial help through these means last year.

Committees, committees, it might sound a tad dry – but these things are important if you want to examine the paper trail showing who got what and why. The last session was last Tuesday and councillors from across the country, I’m told, had a robust discussion.

If you had scanned your eyes across the room, however, you might have seen a conspicuously empty seat around the table. Did Camden Council’s invitation to these important talks get lost in the post?

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