The record shows she took the blows

THE final curtain crossed the crematorium at Ellen Luby’s funeral service to the sound Frank Sinatra’s rendition of My Way this afternoon. The line ‘To think I did all that – and may I say, not in a shy way’ seemed very appropriate. It was a lovely service, tears and laughs for a woman described today as ‘local celebrity’. We were told that her spirit would always live on as a flicker in the public gallery at Camden Town Hall.

She told many stories about her life during our playful bickering on the steps of the Town Hall or in the New Journal offices, but what I hadn’t appreciated was that 30 of her relatives had died in Nazi gas chambers. This added to several other personal tragedies, the death of her first husband and her son. It puts into context some of the language she used and the anger she felt, and why she wanted Camden’s politicians to be bolder and better. She certainly played a unique part in the borough’s political life. Her grit should, as was suggested by many times this afternoon, be an inspiration.

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