The Milibands speak to us

IT’S a bit like a guess the number of jelly beans in the jar contest. How many times will David and Ed Miliband collectively say ‘this/it speaks to’ this year before they find out whether either one of them will lead the Labour Party or not. So far, they have used this slightly pompous turn of phrase – designed to show everybody they are learned enough to understand every last political subtext – about 52,523 times this year. Ok, that’s just a guess. But every time I hear them speak they are speaking about what they are speaking about speaks to…

David/January/ Foreign Office blog

Today is Martin Luther King day. When I was a student in the USA in the late 1980s, I read the first volume of a brilliant three volume biography by Taylor Branch, called ‘Parting the Waters’. The subtitle is’ America in the King Years’. What’s striking is the notion of ‘the King Years’, unusual for someone who was not a President or even a Senator. This speaks to the impact he had on social justice. And it speaks to the part he played in America’s drive to be a ‘great society’.
David/Feb/Global Tamil Forum

It is a reflection of the breadth of the Tamil diaspora around the world and I hope it speaks to a unity that will serve the rights and hopes of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

Ed/March/ Labour promise to set up People’s bank

It speaks to people’s sense of community — and frankly, banks have let down low-income consumers.”

Ed/March/Guardian article

After these two crises people want a sense that we’ve learnt lessons from the past. I do think [the manifesto] will speak to a different moment, you will see that. It’s hard when you’ve been the government for 13 years…


We need to build high speed rail. We’re the people that speak to that, but in the interests of creating a fairer and more just society, where people at the top share their responsibility.

Ed/ May/ Living wage speech

The reason I am launching my campaign for a living wage today, and the reason I want Labour party members to be involved in it, is that it speaks to three deep and fundamental questions that we should be talking about today.

Ed/June/ statement  about living wage to unions

It speaks to our values because it touches our deep sense of justice, of fairness and of a belief in the dignity of work. And it speaks to our activism because this has never been a party to rest on its accomplishments or believe change only comes from those with the most power.

Ed/March/ On Free School Meals

It speaks to another important thing: are you for a residual welfare state that is just for the poor, which is the Tory position, or are you for a more inclusive welfare state?

Ed/June/Fair pay event  at LSE

This isn’t going to be something that changes overnight. It will be a long campaign but it is something that speaks to the heart of Labour values and that we must move forward with.

..and so on

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