When will I see you again

NOBODY told me about this before: Philip Colligan hasn’t ruled out returning to Camden Council at some point in the future. The former assistant chief executive – originally drawn to the Town Hall from the Home Office – finally left Camden  in May for NESTA, “an independent body with the mission to make innovation flourish” no less.

But reading through the old entries on environment director Rachel Stopard’s blog – you can only get to see it if you have access to the council’s intranet – there is a hint that that, like all good soap characters, PC could one day return to Camden’s marble staircase. He signed off with his own guest posting in which he said:

It’s been a huge privilege to work in the best performing council in the country and I’ve been lucky enough to be part of fantastic teams that have made a real difference to people’s lives. I’m hugely grateful to all of the politicians, colleagues, partners and residents who have made my time here such fun. Credit for any successes goes to those people, the mistakes… well, I am blaming Sue.  I hope to keep in touch and, who knows, I may even be back one day.  In the meantime keep innovating and I hope that Rachel and the guests will keep up the excellent blogs.

‘Who knows, I may even be back one day’… Is that pesky revolving door at the front desk going to catch another one out? Keep innovating!

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  1. philip colligan // July 29, 2010 at 5:51 pm //

    Osley – always first with the news…

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