Can I be electric too?

KEN Livingstone drifted away from a pack of journalists asking about his plans for a London wide music festival yesterday to nose around the main hall of the Electric Ballroom, the legendary venue in Camden High Street. I asked him whether he had ever been to a gig there. Hey, maybe he rocked out to Five Finger Death Punch at their concert in the Ballroom at the end of last year.

But nope, he’d never seen the inside before. “I’ve spent every night of my life at a political meeting,” he explained. Every night? Maybe his new celeb mucker Emmy The Great – she’s a singer – could take the self-labelled ‘out of work pensioner’ out on the razz. Just for a treat. She will no doubt be more than happy to, tweeting after the ex-Mayor’s lunchtime presser yesterday: “Just met Ken Livingstone. Rather starstruck.”

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  1. I think Ken’s ideas are just what London need – see my article on Ken4Music here:

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