Last tram to Somers Town

A FEW people who read these pages were a little surprised to read that Labour councillor Roger Robinson is backing Oona King over Ken Livingstone in the mayoral candidate selection. Maybe a clue to his choice lies in this story on the SE1 website in south London. When Livingstone yesterday launched a transport strategy in Croydon – a place where they love trams – he promised to get more trams out of the depot and send them to places where they don’t love trams. Like Somers Town. And Camden Town.

Although not codified in his printed manifesto strategies, Livingstone told the website: “The moment I’m elected Mayor we will set in train the planning for the Croydon Tramlink extension, the Cross River Tram, building the bridge in the Thames Gateway and all those projects that Boris scrapped.”

RR has been one of the most vocal opponents to a cross river tram trampling a track through his ward but, with such a pledge, Ken clearly hasn’t listened to his old council colleague. Is Oona the beneficiary in the quarrel?

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