Sure, sure, I’ll be there..

THERE’S a big bout at Camden Town Hall tomorrow night: KEN LIVINGSTONE versus OONA KING. Head to head. Live!

Or is there? An email flier to Labour members specifically says that Ken and Oona have both confirmed their attendance for the match-up. Yet while voters in Camden currently deciding who they should support for the 2012  mayoral contest have been promised this timely chance to see the two contestants debating with each other in King’s Cross, there is a concern that Oona may have got in a muddle with her dates.

After all, Labour members have also been invited to “An Evening With Oona King and Polly Toynbee” event in Westminster Central Hall running between 7pm-9pm on Friday September 3, pretty much the same time as those Camden hustings.

“The evening is an informal one with a ‘Question & Answer Session’ followed by time to meet and cht with Oona, Polly and many of the London women MP,” the invite says. How lovely – but Oona will have to be cheetah-heeled to get between that soiree and Judd Street tomorrow night.

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  1. Albert Shanker // September 2, 2010 at 5:05 pm //

    I hear Oona’s sending a sub…

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