From Lib Dem councillor to Conservative chairman..

HAMPSTEAD and Kilburn Conservatives – so close in May to ousting Glenda Jackson from her seat in the House of Commons – has a new chairman. Stephen Hocking, an impressive local organiser who was once a strong councillor in Camden, has stepped down. His replacement: Havard Hughes.

Mr Hughes is as well known in Brent as he is in Camden where he was once a councillor… for the Liberal Democrats. With a senior role in the blue team, there’s no going back now. He is also on the Bow Group think tank, following in the footsteps of parliamentary candidate Chris Philp. Philp has a lot to thank Havard for. He took an overseeing role he adopted in that see-saw battle against Glenda. And Ed Fordham, for the Lib Dems.

I am especially proud to be taking on the responsibility of Chairman as part of the team which has overhauled the local association after years in the wilderness into one of the most dynamic campaign teams in the country – just 42 votes shy of victory,” said Hughes this week.

As chairman, Hughes will have an important say on who will be next to stand for the Tories in the constituency. Will Philp fancy another roll?

And what of the Lib Dems, do they miss Hughes? Well, you shouldn’t believe everything you read on blogs, pah, but this link to one on the yellow side must have caused a stir at the time…

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