SuperExec: First name on the shortlist

CHECK the rulebook, employment law doctrines, etc

Another big question about the Camden and Islington council love-in revealed today is whether Moira Gibb, chief exec at Camden, can simply walk into the new job of chief exec of Camden and Islington Albion.

The two local authorities have agreed to share a chief executive and it won’t be the current Islington chief, John Foster, as he is stepping down next May. Moira Gibb is therefore the frontrunner and the official announcement even says she is ready to “take the helm” across both boroughs. Such a big job, nearly 1/2 million indirectly affected – does there not need to be a competitive process for the role? I am told that Moira will at least go through an interview process, a cross-party appointments panel may also convene – but will the job shortlist contain just one name? Lots to iron out here.

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