SuperExec: ‘It was Terry’s idea’

THE radical idea of Camden and Islington Albion and a shared chief executive was first suggested not by the Labour councillors announcing the plan today… but by the Lib Dem leader in Islington, Terry Stacy. Four months ago. Says Terry Stacy.

Fair’s fair. He directs me to press releases and letters from July, and his finance spokesman John Gilbert’s comments that month:

Sharing a Chief Executive and pooling services with other councils could bring big savings.  But Labour is silent on these big issues and is already cutting services and slashing spending by £7miilion until April 2011 alone.  And there’s worse to come. To add insult to injury they refused to accept the Liberal Democrat idea of a 5% cut to all councillor salaries and instead created new paid positions for their own councillors.

The claim is that a belligerent copycat is at work. What say Labour to that?

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  1. Albert Shanker // September 8, 2010 at 11:10 pm //

    Typical Lib Dem – a couple of press releases after he got booted out of office in May. The question to Stacey should be: why didn’t he do it when he was leader?

    I’ve met a couple of people who say they came up with the idea for The Beatles, but it doesn’t mean they played an instrument nor had anything to do with their hard work and success.

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