The Enclave

THE Mail on Sunday relished rifling through the home affairs of new Labour leader Ed Miliband this week. He has “virtually no rights over his property or son”, it declares this morning.

Yes, yes – but what about the description of the “north London enclave” where he lives. Apparently, Dartmouth Park is home to Ed M, Lord Kinnock, Julian Barnes and… Glenda Jackson.

Now, Glenda took a bit of stick during the election for living south of the river. So, why didn’t she just say she had moved to The Enclave? Or for the second time in a week, has somebody made a mistake about GJ’s own personal affairs? We deserve to be told.

1 Comment on The Enclave

  1. The front page of the Mail on Sunday described Dartmouth Park in a much more positive way. ‘…a fashionable quarter of North London.’

    Now living nearby, I am going to choose that Mail quote to reference (and it’ll be the only one I’ll ever quote) instead of the one you flag up.

    I feel quite bouyed by that description about KT/ Tufnell Pk


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