The news raider marches against the cuts

SPEAKING of Wednesday’s march, look who it is at the front of the demonstration as it turned into Trafalgar Square? The guy on the right. It’s Paul Yarrow, the man known as the ‘News Raider’ for his undying devotion for standing behind newsreaders and TV journalists as they go to air.

He has an impressive record of hits, maybe he should steer clear of Nick Robinson mind.

For a selection of The NR’s work see below:


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  1. I am so grateful that we have Unison, Standing up for the ordinary Man.
    Though I did feel deeply depressed after the demonstration.
    The meaning of those cuts,that will effect those who are vunerable and poor and the working Class in our Society. Brought it Home. The Elite are cutting away at the lifeline of those I mentioned. This is the age of the ordinary man to stand up against this Oppression. Nick Robinson I suspect is Biast,He once belonged to the young Conservatives.

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