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JUST a few days of campaigning left and Nick Russell is currently in the thick of the Kentish Town council by-election for the Liberal Democrats. Even in the wake of the comprehensive spending review and headline after headline about coalition cutbacks, you can’t rate his chances of winning his old seat back at Camden Town Hall as insignificant. I know some Labour members are cautious about whether they will hold the seat on Thursday.

This close to decision day, Nick won’t want any outside distractions. So let’s all agree to keep it sssssshshsh secret that the name Nick Russell appears on the Lib Dem list for top-up candidates for the London Assembly elections in 2012. An internal vote will decide how high up the list he gets and with it determine his prospects of gaining a seat at City Hall in two years time.

Conservative Brian Coleman has shown you can be a local authority councillor (Barnet) and a London Assembly member (Barnet and Camden) at the same time. Can Nick do two jobs too?

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  1. Labour are indeed worried about whether they’ll win the byelection – which probably explains why they are distributing a particularly dishonest fake Tory leaflet which I picked up last night.

    I’ve scanned it in and put it here but I really think publishing the candidates’ addresses with a map to help you find them is a bit distasteful – but more to the point not a single Labour logo in sight just blue ink everywhere and laid out in the Tory design.

    Only the *tiny* inprint shows it’s a Labour leaflet… if I was them I’d be ashamed of it too.

    You might think that all is fair in politics – but it’s the electorate they’re trying to deceive which can’t possibly be right. As the CNJ said this week – “If Labour isn’t a moral force it’s nothing”

  2. Albert Shanker // October 24, 2010 at 9:21 pm //

    Er, like the Libs have never gone negative on the ‘local’ tag…

    I tmight not be to your tastes but pointing out the numerous examples of lib dem promises is totally fair game – people are pissed off about them y’know!!

    Btw the Lib Dem used a reddish orange on their poseters and leaflets before May, trying to appear ‘Labour’, obviously they are now in power with the TORIES – I don’t get your problem…

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