C is for Cuts

THE size of the Labour victory in Kentish Town by-election last night just shows that they could have won without the ‘blue note affair’.

Hey ho. Labour care not now and members seem more impressed with themselves for coming up with another leaflet which… wait for it, you won’t have heard this one before, never, ever... a picture of Beaker of-off The Muppets as Lib Dem cuts man Danny Alexander.

When Sian Berry, a former Green Party candidate in Kentish Town who on another day might have won a seat in the ward, tweeted about how much she loved the leaflet on Twitter, there was almost foaming at the mouth among the Labour gang.

They clapped and cheered and told each other: Sian loves it! Sian loves it!

But does Sian really love what’s happened in Kentish Town. Once a reasonable target for the Green Party, a three-horse race has been pared down to two realistic runners. Some might say one. From the evidence of recent polliing, the Green vote has gradually shifted back to Labour, no longer splitting a key share of the electorate in KT who would cast themselves as, at the very least, left-leaning. The march of the fourth party at the Town Hall has become bogged down in areas where it could be doing better.


Jessica Asato, a Labour councillor in Islington, writes about the Kentish Town leaflets here..

…and here is just one example of how the Beaker Alexander thing has done the rounds a million times before.

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  1. Albert Shanker // October 29, 2010 at 8:39 pm //

    You’ve been in an office with your boss too long this week.


  2. It was late and I was tired, but thanks for the tip that they’re muppets. It’s still damn funny.

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