You have to take a ticket and then there are seats…

POOR old David Davies. Not the man introduced on TV these days as the man who could have been Prime Minister right now if he had beaten David Cameron to the leadership of the Conservative Party. Not him. I mean the one who used to be a BBC sportscaster and then went on to work for the Football Association. Him.

He was on SKY News on Thursday night, reviewing newspapers with Sally Bercow, famous for [insert fact here]. You notice how we are always told how nobody reads newspapers yet every TV and radio channel always seems obsessed with reviewing them. Sally Bercow must make a tidy living out of it.

The sensational subject of queuing came up, at which point DD blurted out how his worst experiences of standing in line came at his local post office in Camden Town.

“The post office has tried to do somethig about this. Good for them,” he explained, like a fretting old gent nattering away on a bus about life’s little niggles. “Yet, what they have is a system, certainly in my local post office, that is so complicated depending on what you want to buy. You have this number, then you have seats. You don’t have queues you have seats to sit down on. I promise you it is so complicated and until you understand it is very difficult.”

Just to be straight, this complicated system for getting to a post office counter is:. 1. Take a ticket at counter. 2. Sit down while you wait to be called. 3. Go to counter when called. Mind-frazzling. What will they come up with next??

The real problem for Camden Town post office is the high demand for the service. Some days you get a ticket and it’s demoralising: 45 people in front of you. Others, you can whisk in and out at non-peak times and you think the system Davies hates is actually a smart improvement from the zig-zag queues, which used to leave the elderly and frail having to stand up for half an hour just to make the front counter. There’s no easy solution to that.

Still, if Davies is still in touch with his old colleague at the FA, Adam Crozier, they could talk long into the night about parcels, stamps, letters and things. Before landing as chief executive at ITV, Crozier of course hopped in and out of the top job chief executive at Royal Mail. Ask your local postie if they thought he was a good team leader.

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  1. Never liked David Davies. As a football journalist, he was always anti-Wednesday.

  2. Andrew Mennear // November 10, 2010 at 12:21 am //

    Presumably he can’t work out the system unless the counters get called out 4-4-2…

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