Kentish Town: Where men waltz around with dogs on their shoulders

PEOPLE who buy the modern music have directed me towards the new song and video by award-winning Imelda May, who had a hit with Johnny Got A Boom Boom. ‘Kentish Town Waltz’ is soothing enough. The lyrics kick off:

Do you remember we traipsed around from pub to pound shop through Kentish Town?
Only a fiver to our name the drunk on the doorstep had more to our shame
Living over the offy had its trials the fights all night, out there and inside
And those stews that lasted three days into four, and the dreaded balliffs returned to our door.

But I was more interested in the video to see if I could spot anybody I know stumbling around in the background. In the atmospheric greyscale and low lights, we see an off licence (see lyrics above); the tattoo parlour on Castle Road; the 393 bus disappearing into the night; a spotty dress; the HMV Forum in all its glory; people looking cold at the train station; and an old gent experimenting as to whether a furry dog really can make a serviceable scarf. What a bohemian old place that Kentish Town is.

Not a Nando’s, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Subway, Chicken Cottage in sight.

You can buy the 7″ vinyl, the proper format, of the song here.

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