Chris Philp and the “stony broke” Royal Family

Philp: 'The Royal Family costs less than the paper-clip budget of a government department'

ALL of these people who think it’s an outrage in these biting economic times that tax-payers have to fund a royal wedding got a bombshell surprise yesterday.

Turns out: The Royal family is skint! They need our cash.

Or to use the words of the man who delivered this shock news, Chris Philp, a politician who was 42 votes shy of being the Conservative MP for Hampstead and Kilburn in May, they are “stony broke”.

It was good to hear Chris back up and running, chewing the fat with Islington wireless presenter Kate Silverton on Radio 5, and declaring himself “an ardent monarchist” across the airwaves. iPlayer will have it up for a few more days.

Main subject of this news review was of course: the hitching of Kate and Wills. Up came the suggestion that the monarchy could be a teeny weeny bit more self-sustaining, financially, what with all their country houses and land and crown jewels and what not?

Chris jumped in:

We’re not subsidising them. They are stony broke. The Queen has had to make all sorts of economies.

And there was us thinking they’d never had it so good.

Kate (Silverton, not Middleton) guffawed and said ‘that’s stretching it a bit’. But Chris explained the 62p it costs you, me and him every year to keep the monarchy performing so wonderfully was good VFM.

If you look at the amount of cash the government has wasted in the last ten years. I would imagine the Department for Business’s paper-clip budget is higher than the cost of the monarchy. It’s great value for money. There’s another point: if it ain’t broke, why fix it? Why tamper with something which is working so well and has worked so well for so many years.

So, quiz question: How many paperclips would you have to not buy in order to put in a bid for Balmoral? Or Sandringham? Or, what about, the recently-marketed Crown Estate in Regent’s Park?

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  1. KilburnMat // November 22, 2010 at 3:04 pm //

    Philp proving exactly what a close escape we had with this tiresome reductivist logic to defend an archaic affront to the basic principles os fairness, equality and merit to defend this bunch of no-marks receiving millions and controlling assets worth millions more whilst attacking the families that need help.

  2. Local Tory // November 23, 2010 at 3:45 pm //

    Yes, but, I have a use for paperclips. I wouldn’t know what to do with Prince Edward (did I get that right, he is one of them isn’t he?) if you sent him round for free.

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