Lock up your teabags…. the students are coming

CODE red, code red…. panic alert at University College London where the management, I hear, are bracing themselves for the risk of a student occupation of important buildings tomorrow. With SOAS already being camped in by undergraduates furious at what they see as a tuition fees betrayal, UCL fears its offices could be similarly targetted in a day of protest tomorrow.

Staff have been told to be wary of this prospect with sensible advice despatched across the board to lock away documents and laptops. Oh, and the tea, coffee and sugar. Yup, I’m reliably informed this was the choice of words used in a defence memo circulated earlier:

Know where you are going to put kettles, tea, coffee, sugar in the event of an occupation.

Be prepared, if possible, to disable photocopier, lock paper away and as much other stationary [sic] as possible.

Everybody stay calm out there.

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  1. John Bryant // November 23, 2010 at 7:40 pm //

    Good to know that UCL staff know how to spell “stationary” – that will be paper and pens that don’t move I suppose…

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