Conrad, a cult hero?

CONRAD Landin. Former youth councillor. A-Level student. Blogger. CNJ intern…. cult hero?

Pictures I’ve seen from the walkout of students from Camden School for Girls yesterday seem to show Highgate based teenager Conrad leading the charge, addressing the masses in Cantelowes Gardens with a rally cry and directions to Trafalgar Square. He blogs about his experiences of a police kettel here. Dismiss him as overly bookish, be spooked by his encyclopaedic knowledge of politics at such a young age, you might not even agree with his views…. but look at the posters in Camden Road. A fanclub has developed. One placard clearly says: Conrad’s Barmy Army. He’s bigger than an X-Factor contestant.

If at any stage of my life a crowd of people followed me down the road with a sign saying Osley’s Barmy Army, I think I’d retire happy there and then. I’d frame the photo, put it on the wall and wile away my days thinking of the adoration that day had brought knowing that I had made it, really made it.  I suspect Conrad has greater ambitions. Watch out for him.

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  1. William Nawrocki // November 29, 2010 at 8:54 am //

    Was not Conrad a Tory young councillor in Camden?
    Is not David Cameron is leader?
    I am very confused.
    I guess, it all depends which way the wind is blowing!

    • I’m afraid to say, William, that it doesn’t ‘depend which way the wind is blowing!’

      I wanted to avoid commenting on here, but as there’s a comment which can be interpreted so horribly wrong I feel I must.

      We didn’t have party groups on the youth council, so even if I wanted to be a Tory youth councillor, I couldn’t have been. Where did you get the impression we did from?

      If it’s even possible to think I’m a supporter of the Tories, I must be doing something very, very wrong.

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