Gold medal Mayor

THERE is a little bit of an Olympic race going on inside Camden’s Labour group. Nobody will publicly admit they are running in it, but, believe me council watchers, the gun has been fired.

The goal: To be the Mayor in 2012…. for the Olympics.

Whispers have it that one or two who want to hold the ceremonial role of Mayor during Labour’s current four year term in charge at the Town Hall were happy for Jonathan Simpson to ‘go first’ in 2010.

They are also happy for Abdul Quadir to be his deputy and perhaps follow the long tradition of graduating to full honours next year.

The after-you club are instead said to be timing their runs so when the record stops in this gold medal game of musical chairs they are holding the chain when the world comes to town. Even though Camden hasn’t got zip-all in terms of sporting events during the Games – it’s had to beg just to get the Olympic torch to pass through our streets – there will be plenty of ambassadorial opportunities which insiders tell me appeal to three or four likely candidates.

A silly squabble it may be, but it’s going to be headache for the group deciding who passes this finish line first.

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