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SO, that bus stop in Kentish Town pictured a couple of posts back?

There was something wrong with it and most of you guessed what it was. Some loon had stuck a ‘Love United, Hate Glazer’ sticker to it, a impotent protest about the ownership of Manchester United.

I mean: This is NW5, not up north. It’s proof once again that too many people living in London are failing to support their local team. We call them glory supporters.

What does anybody care about politics at football club in Manchester – and what possible advantage would the person who stuck this sticker to the bus stop think could be gained by protesting on Kentish Town Road? Malcolm Glazer wasn’t going to see it. Not unless he has a coca-cola in the Assembly House every now and then..

The truth about all of those United fans who protest about the American ownership of their club and wear yellow and green scarves is simple. Their complaint suddenly drops in volume when their club is top of the league. If they are in fourth place, it’s all because of Glazer. If they are in first place, no moans can be heard. Funny that.

Oh, and if you live in Camden… support a local team whydontcha?

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  1. What is someone’s local team though? Most people in London don’t come from the area where they live and it seems reasonable to carry on supporting ‘your’ team even when you move to a new area.

    Obviously Man U supporters rarely come from Manchester so in this case you’re probably right, but when I think about my family who all lived within a stone’s throw of Arsenal’s grounds it became a family tradition to support them – but I was born and brought up in Essex. Colchester United never appealed.

    Not sure I fell like a glory hunter supporting Arsenal because there’s a real family connection… but I know what you mean.

  2. David Boothroyd // December 16, 2010 at 2:15 pm //

    This is just an internal version of Norman Tebbit’s cricket test. Many people from the north, or whose families come from the north, are living in London – nothing wrong with them retaining their footballing allegiance. If Middlesex play Yorkshire at cricket, I’m cheering for Yorkshire. If Middlesex play Surrey, I’ll cheer for Middlesex.

  3. I have never been so insulted in all my life.

  4. Fantastic! Well played. A message to glory hunters everywhere. One should support their local team in the same way as someone should support their local economy.

  5. Local Tory // December 20, 2010 at 5:52 pm //

    Fuggeddit. I don’t care if you were borne in the player’s tunnel, (oo-er) these days if you support a PL side, any PL side, you’re a glory boy. End of.

    In fact the rest of the pro leagues aren’t much better. I doubt the two-left-foot guide dog owners who “play” for my home town side could even find the place on a map. I’m quite sure they would be out the door as soon as anyone offered them more money, not that that’s likely to happen unless they surprise us all and learn to kick a football.

    Footballers support the local economy !? Only if you’ve got a pole dancing club next door.

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