How the EMA could get you a date

SPEAKING of Frank’s turn last night in the Town Hall. Here’s a snippet from his speech – possibly better described as a stream of teenage memories – about why he thinks the government should maintain the EMA, a grant paid to secondary school students. If it help gets them out of the ‘drossiest gear’, they might just cop a date…

I think the worst thing is the proposed abolition of the education maintenance allowance (EMA). It’s the most disgusting of the lot. I talk from experience. My dad died when I was 16 and I stayed on in school in York and I got a sort of education maintenance allowance from the Tory East Riding and Yorkshire County Council to help me stay on at school.

Now, I would probably have stayed on at school without it, but I was a good bit better dressed as a result of getting that little grant.

When you get these rotten ratbag Tory and Lib Dems saying that the educational maintenance allowance didn’t work because only 10 percent of people getting it say they wouldn’t have stayed on if they hadn’t got the grant – what about the benefit to the 90 percent who for staying on became more tolerable. The people who could afford just a little bit not to buy the drossiest gear when competing with their 16, 17, 18 year old colleagues at school.

You know it might have assisted them going out with someone they fancy if they could dress up a little better, getting a few bob more allows them to buy a slightly more expensive drink. I know I’m talking about trivia but when you are that age trivia really counts, doesn’t it? We all know that. Makes life tolerable does trivia. These rotten bastards intend taking that away and I think that’s a real vile thing.

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