Any more Conservatives joining Team Marshall?

FORMER colleagues at Camden Council, Conservatives Andrew Marshall and Chris Philp counter each other’s view on the wisdom of electoral reform and the Alternative Vote in this week’s Camden New Journal.

But has Chris, co-ordinator for the ‘No to AV’ vote in London, already got the local branch onside. While Andrew writes ‘I simply urge everyone but especially Conservative supporters locally to listen to the arguments and make up their own minds’, it appears the majority of the group – and their dogs – seemed to be out in  Hampstead High Street on Saturday helping Chris shoot down the idea of changing the way we choose our MPs. Current group leader Andrew Mennear joins the photoshoot.

So, who’s left in the Conservative ranks to be on Team Marshall? One party source told me the former group leader needs to be like ‘Henry Fonda in Twelve Angry Men‘ to win back the room on this issue… albeit perhaps not realising that in that classic courtroom drama Fonda’s character manages to turn a jury and save an innocent man.

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