‘Pick a cut – and champion it’

SO what happens when a political party brainstorms in the aftermath of disappointing election results? Following their failure to hold onto the council and score a parliamentary seat in Islington last May, the Liberal Democrats discussed how they must ‘never get caught defending the Tories’ …. according to documents which fell off a Lib Dem lorry.

Party boss Councillor Terry Stacy says in the Islington Tribune that not all the ideas from the brainstorm session last year were taken forward but for a few pointers on what was in the mind of some members, here are a few of the tactics that were discussed:

‘Our weapons: creating confusion and division’
‘We are not running the council, it is not our problem – it’s theirs’

‘Set traps and ambushes for Labour’

‘Those cuts: It’s the Labour Party’s fault, it’s the Labour Party’s fault, it’s the Labour Party’s fault. And just in case you didn’t get it: It’s the Labour Party’s fault.’

‘Pick an unpopular cut and champion it’

‘Don’t get caught defending the Tories’

‘Stay at ward events as long as possible to meet as many residents as possible – and annoy Labour’

‘Use our links with Labour’s backbenchers to create trouble for their leadership.’

‘Exploit divisions in the Labour group’

‘Use issues like the Fairness Commission recommendations to drive a wedge between Labour’s wealthier supporters and Labour councillors’

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  1. Islington’s Lib Dems are very good at creating “confusion and division”, they did a lot of that when they were running the Council.

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