Jumpers for goalposts

THE Miliband family may have felt it has taken a lot of flak from The Mail and The Mail on Sunday over the years with a series investigations into the legal rights on their homes and children. You might have thought all of those sketches and stories lampooning the brothers Mili might have led to some resentment in Primrose Hill. But ahahaha, not so – after all which paper did David M decide to write a long, rambling piece about his affection for football yesterday?

Teaming up with the Mail on Sunday, he came up with this nugget of cliched nostalgia.

It’s [football] about grounds crowded into narrow streets in the middle of towns and cities. It’s about scrubland and parks with coats, bags, jumpers or anything else to hand for goalposts. It’s about school teams and lessons in life.

The memoirs are going to be cracking.

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