Corbyn 1 Lammy 0

DAVID Lammy’s attempts to stop Spurs deserting Haringey for Stratford continues apace. All sorts of threats including legally stopping the club using the name ‘Tottenham’ Hotspur are flying from his lips.

Amid the hurricane, well done to Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn for raising an important point of information in the House of Commons last week. Amid his excitable address, Lammy intimated the Emirates Stadium relocation at Arsenal had benefited from public investment and the lack of similar help at the other end of the Seven Sisters Road had led Spurs to consider a future elsewhere.

Jeremy C socked this to him:

My right hon. Friend knows that I represent Islington North and am a very proud supporter of Arsenal, the other club in north London. The relocation of stadiums is a difficult issue. Arsenal and Islington worked very closely to ensure that the new stadium was built in Islington without any public subsidy. The presence of Arsenal has meant that there is a very large number of jobs at the stadium, with all its related facilities, and a huge local community programme with more than 1 million hours spent on community training in football.

That hits the myth that Arsenal ran roughshod over everyone and anything when they built the best stadium in the Premiership a few years back.

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