Step change the slippage

LONDON’S best health reporter Tom Foot spots the main contender for the Jargon Of The Week prize. The North Central London NHS Sector Trust – a mouthful in itself – comes up with this bamboozlefest in its board reports. I’m told it’s a clear and concise explanation of how the Trust will deal with operate with less funding.

“Next steps going forward: Directors to undertake line-by-line review of blockages to make step changes in savings scheme performance and delivery, and identify additional resource to support delivery of savings. Prioritise NCL top savings schemes for maximum in year impact, identifying slippage and taking appropriate corrective action through sector delivery.”

That’s Numberwang…

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  1. Not sure about best health reporter, but you could say I am striving to achieve optimum copy delivery in the NHS narrative sector with minimum slippage as we go forward at this time.
    When GPs take over the NHS will they start speaking like malfunctioning robots?

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