Suits and ties

I HEAR former Camden Conservative leader Councillor Piers Wauchope snuck back into the Town Hall last night. The author of Camden: A Political History was giving a speech to the Camden History Society. In my absence, he whacked this picture up on the big screen: it’s the snap of me interviewing Tony Blair and Raj Chada in 2006. Piers made some giggly remark about how I hadn’t even done up my tie properly to see the PM. I was young, I was in a rush. Still, the legend has it that local journalists were happier with the scoop of interviewing him that day, than Labour Party members locally – including possibly Raj, smiling away with a fully tied up red tie, very smart – were to have him in town in the aftermath of the Iraq War. He wasn’t exactly a vote winner in the local polls which followed. Labour got hammered in Camden that year.

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