The ‘lasting friendships’ made in libraries

BACK in the days of that never-ending Labour leadership campaign last year, councillor Tulip Siddiq was in the thick of the vote Ed Miliband campaign.

With more mobile phones than fingers, almost, she looked pretty in-there at the party’s conference in Manchester – Ed’s first week in charge. See right, in the white coat, she’s looking at a hundred text messages from me asking for some face time with the new leader.

Fast forward four months and Ed M has settled in and now says he is worried that libraries including those on his home turf in Camden are under threat due to public spending cuts. He told Dan Carrier at the CNJ this week..

Libraries strengthen our communities immensely. They are places in which people come together to learn, to get to know each other and to form lasting friendships. That’s why libraries are so deeply ingrained in our country. The potential closures in Camden are being brought about by this Conservative-led government, which is cutting local government spending too far and too fast, damaging the services people hold dear. They should think again.

So, surely he should get Tulip on the phone and reunite his crack campaign team back together. He must know that she is the elected politician at the head of Camden’s libary service. She’s been handed the axe but before she wields it, maybe she should brainstorm some alternative ideas with the man she spent last summer with.

Just a thought. A rebellious picture of her on the barricades with Miliband in Chester Road would be front page.

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