Tamsin from Kilburn reads the Mail on Sunday over breakfast

REMEMBER last week David Miliband forgot all the flak he gets from the Mail and the Mail on Sunday to write a yawn about his love of football.

This week, it’s another local lefty tucking in. Tamsin Omond, the independent who ran in Hampstead and Kilburn against Glenda Jackson, pens a piece for the MoS declaring herself to be not as posh as people say she is. She begins by saying she was stirred up after reading a piece in the Mail on Sunday over breakfast last week. Later, in what is actually an interesting profile of her life so far, she declares her love for NW6:

I live in a shared flat (one journalist called it a bedsit) at the wrong end of Kilburn, North-West London, surrounded by betting shops and slightly dodgy pubs.

I love Kilburn but I doubt it’s an area ever likely to mentioned in the same sentence as ‘stylish’ or ‘exclusive’. I don’t think I’ll ever pay off my debt from university, and I can’t even remember what it feels like to be in the black.

I gaze longingly at Sainsbury’s while choosing my vegetables from Kilburn Market (no, it’s not the farmers’ kind). And my dad, John, well he’s just a Czech immigrant, or ‘ dissident’ if I’m feeling fancy.

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