Whatever happened to Jim?

PEOPLE have been finding this blog by searching ‘Jim Wintour’ in Google. He was the housing chief who quit Camden Council last May after only nine months in the job. Camden said at the time he was retiring: “Jim Wintour has taken the decision to retire with effect from 15 May 2010 and we would like to thank him for all of the good work he has undertaken over his time with Camden.” It was all quite a shock.

The truth is, whatever went on, there are still people connected to and concerned with council housing in Camden who liked what they saw in him and still lament his sudden departure. Many saw him as a force for good in a department so often under pressure. Maybe he could have helped sorted out Harry Mount’s problems in Kentish Town if he had stayed on.

BTW.. Retirement for Mr Wintour, brother to Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, in this case hasn’t been all sail boats and golf clubs. At the back end of last year he took up a role with a charity in south London. The 63 year-old is now a director of the United St Saviour’s Charity which looks after charitable grants and almshouses in Southwark.

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  1. I was a fan and I always suspected that the Maiden Lane Estate regeneration appointment played a part in Jim’s shock decision to quit Camden after just getting his legs under the table. A loss to Camden IMO.

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