Spurs v West Ham

THE agitated name-calling among London football clubscontinues apace. West Ham vice-chairwoman Karren Brady described Tottenham’s attempts yesterday to desert White Hart Lane in Haringey, move to Stratford, duff up the Olympic Stadium’s track and create a new home nowhere near where their fans want them to be as a ‘corporate crime’. West Ham have their own plans for the stadium once the London Games next year are over. Spurs chief Daniel Levy calls Brady’s soundbites as ‘scaremongering’.

Fight! Kinda.It’s strange: even though this is a battle for something as important as the future of the Olympic Stadium – the subject of 2,473 BBC London news reports* –  this still feels like a silly squabble between two fake rivals. Fake, as in how ex-Hampstead joker Russell Brand once wrote:

As a Chelsea fan or a West Ham fan however much you claim to hate Tottenham, hate Tottenham, “we are the Tottenham haters”, you know you can never hate Tottenham like Arsenal fans do nor will Tottenham fans hate us the way they hate the Arse – they will not allow intrusion into the sanctuary of their private hate.

* estimated figure

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