Ken on Spurs

EX-MAYOR Ken Livingstone thinks it’s great that Championship-club-to-be West Ham United will move into the Olympic Stadium after next year’s Games. He said as much in a press statement despatched last week.

In the same release, he also said:

In the coming weeks and months we need to resolve the question of Tottenham Hotspur’s intention to move into a bigger stadium. I fear any move from the London borough of Haringey by Tottenham would be disastrous for the local economy and community. The club is the biggest private sector employer in Haringey and makes a massive economic, sporting and social contribution to a community which suffers from the highest unemployment in London.

Glowing words for Spurs and the good they do in Haringey. I wonder if Ken ran his statement by his press aide Joe Derrett. Joe Derrett, the mad Spurs fan, who I can hear shouting Come On You Spurs from here.

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