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More typos than the New Journal

FODDER for the how-much-did-that-cost-to-make brigade, here’s a council produced video (see below) that’s not quite chiming with the gloomy times at the Town Hall.

With nearly 1,000 posts at Camden Council about to be axed, concentration has turned to protecting the loyal staff already on the payroll rather than seraching for new faces.

This high grade production first broadcast a year ago reveals Camden has sunshine. Ducks. Kites. Zebras (at a zoo not run by the council). A big Heath (not run by the council). Leisure centres (not run by the council). Theatres (not run by the council). And train stations (not run by the council).

The jolly direction is, however, actually slicker than most local authorities ever dream of, thoughtful people are at work here. Jingly-jangly jolly-jingly music and a shifty-shifty chair routine in the offices more than make up for the King’s Cross typo.

The key thing isn’t whether bloggers can make smartarse comments about a film like this, mocking it as to whether tax-payers should be called customers or not and whether you actually get to spend all day sketching on Hampstead Heath if you work for Camden Council. It’s about whether this video achieved what it set out to do; did anyone see this and apply for a job at Camden? It’d be interesting to see.

In the future, the best way to snag a new street warden might be through YouTube. Trouble is right now, the view counts show not many people watch Camden Council’s YouTube channel. Lots of its videos barely have had more than 200/300 viewers over 12 months. This work here one is one of the better watched

Council communications budgets are always moaned about, often mistakenly and usually only until politicians assume power and realise that nobody will know what’s going on at the library, the leisure centre, or anywhere else, without them. But it’s the extras like this that need to produce proven results to justify the time, resources and zoom lenses spent on them. There’s no point looking good, looking better than other councils, if nobody sees it.

Besides, Camden is cool but it’s no Milton Keynes. I wonder what became of Milton Keynes Boy. They don’t make promos like this anymore.

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  1. Constantine Buhayer // February 16, 2011 at 11:28 am //

    I love the idea of Camden Council moving its operations to Youtube to save money.
    And presumably, for all us gentle Camden folk, no Google account would mean, no can vote. Ah, well, as long as we have a choice; after all, that’s what democracy is all about, choice.

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