SPURS supporting Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn went out to get some chips the other night and came back seething about Barnet and Camden London Assembly member Brian Coleman. It’s all Bri’s fault, he reveals in his latest work, that the parking meters are bust in Finchley. Turns out Easy Barnet Council was only accepting credit card payments for his quid long stay. Long story, but he rants today:

Councillor Coleman, who with his colleagues voted himself a rise in allowances from £17,454 to £27,580 recently, wants to  create a cashless parking regime. He should remember who pays his lavish expenses and learn to distinguish between justifiable prudence and providing proper public services. He has increased residents’ permits by an outrageous 150 per cent and boasts smugly: ‘We never knowingly undercharge.’

Not a great advert for the Big Society. Stopping people parking outside a popular fish and chip shop on a Friday evening is sheer bloody-mindedness. Someone from Central Office should have a word in his shell-like.

And how bothered will Brian be about this shocking expose by Mr Littlejohn? Not at all. There isn’t a politician in London who handles supposed bad press like him. He doesn’t care whether people call him obnoxious, rude or mention the working lunches he claims on expenses. He just carries on doing what he does and it doesn’t seem to make any difference at the ballot box.

At least he says what he thinks.

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  1. “At least he says what he thinks”? So did Hitler. Saying what he thinks could only ever be a saving grace if what he thought was worth saying. Just saying.

    • Richard Osley // February 25, 2011 at 12:09 pm //

      Surely better for voters to know what they are voting for, than have politicians conceal their thoughts and plans.

  2. Of course.

    But I do not believe for a moment that Coleman’s outspokenness comes from any sense that he owes it to the voters for the sake of transparency. Indeed, he has a long record of not giving a damn about transparency, or indeed, about the voters. In the face of his appalling record, the fact that he also has a big mouth doesn’t seem like much of a virtue.

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