Get up, stand up

AN interesting little passage at the end of that email to councillors ahead of Monday’s full council meeting:

Finally a gentle reminder for you to raise within  your groups regarding standing up for the Mayor when he comes into the Chamber and when he leaves and standing up to address him during contributions/questions

So, which of our local politicos have been spotted not giving the correct salute to the Mayor when he joins us in the chamber? We deserve to be told.

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  1. Chris Knight // February 27, 2011 at 11:29 am //

    The Mayor is Camdens first Citizen and we should not forget it!

    To many he or she is the face of Camden and will always recieve respect the office deserves when on official Council business.

    A little respect in the chamber from Members is not a lot to ask and we should also remember our meetings are webcast!


  2. I know Jonathan – am sure he doesn’t really care. I get the impression from him that he enjoys Chairing the meetings and trying to make them balanced.

  3. I agree that respect to the office of Mayor be shown in the normal protocol of standing. This is not much to ask of councillors and will promote better health from all the long term setting down required in the role!

    Let’s just hope that Full Council tonight will be peaceful and can be conducted with decorum.

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